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We can fill orders for 10,000 to 10,000,000 facemasks and other medical supplies.We guarantee the lowest price and fastest shipping times.

Disposable 3-Ply Medical Face Mask 10,000+ Bulk Prices $0.22/piece.

KN95 Face Mask 10,000+ Bulk Prices $1.35/piece.

NIOSH N95 Face Masks 10,000+ Bulk Prices $3.25/piece.

CE Certified, Blue Nitrile Gloves Bulk Prices $0.10/piece

CE Certified, Face Shield with Padding Bulk Prices $0.85/piece

CE / FDA Certified, SMS Surgical Gowns (AAMI Level 3 ) Bulk Prices $2.50/piece

Protective Isolation Suit (Level 1) 10,000+ Bulk Prices $10.80/Piece


Medical Isolation Suit (Level 2) 10,000+ Bulk Prices $16.50/piece.

For Bulk Orders Only

Champion Pedical Products biggest clients are hospitals and government-funded institutions. You can contact us at by filling out our contact form or by emailing us.

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