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Genuine KN95 Face Masks

Our KN95 face masks are CE certified, genuine and made in accordance with industry standards. The 5-ply foldable mask has up to 95% filtration efficiency of non-oily suspended particles of 0.3 micron levels. Ideal for daily use, helping prevent the spread of germs and protect yourself from airborne particles, viruses such as the coronavirus, pollen and other allergens.

[Pack of 10] KN95 Face Masks $2.99/piece.


[Pack of 50] KN95 Face Masks $2.75/piece.


[Pack of 100] KN95 Face Masks $2.50/piece.


[Pack of 1000] KN95 Face Masks $1.50/piece.


[Pack of 5000] KN95 Face Masks $0.99/piece


[Pack of 10,000] KN95 Face Masks $0.95/piece


[Pack of 50,000] KN95 Face Masks $0.90/piece


[Pack of 100,000] KN95 Face Masks $0.80/piece


Our KN95 masks are the best-value masks with nearly identical specs as the NIOSH N95.

Manufactured to EEA standards, and are used by hospitals, medical facilities, and health professionals.

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