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PPE /Medical Gowns (AAMI certified)

C100 Personal Protection Equipment :

AAMI certified Level 1 Medical Gowns @$5 (10,000+ pieces)

The first classification level is determined by using a test called AATCC 42 – Water Impact Penetration, which measures the material’s resistance to water penetration under single-spray contact.

Our Level1 gowns are made of SMS material.

The material is placed on top of a piece of pre-weighed blotter paper and positioned at a 45-degree angle; a 500 mL stream of water is then sprayed onto the material from a funnel located at a specific distance above the sample to test these.

For a level one classification, our Level1 gown material is made sure to pass water impact penetration with a result lower than 4.5 grams


C200 Personal Protection Equipment :

AAMI certified Level 2 Medical Gowns @$6.5 (10,000+ pieces)

The second classification level is determined by using a test called AATCC 127 – Hydrostatic Head Test, which measures the material’s resistance to water penetration under increasing pressure. For a level two classification, our material must pass water impact penetration with a result less than 1.0 gram.


C300 Personal Protection Equipment :

AAMI certified Level 3 Medical Gowns @$7.5

The third classification level is determined by testing material using the aforementioned water impact penetration and hydrostatic head tests. For a level three classification, our material must have a result of less than 1.0 gram on the water impact test and greater than 50 cm on the hydrostatic head test.


C400 Personal Protection Equipment :

AAMI certified Level 4 Medical Gowns @$8.5

To attain level four classification, material must be considered to be impervious, and is subjected to the blood barrier test (ASTM F1670) and the viral barrier test (ASTM F1671). The blood barrier test measures a material’s resistance to synthetic blood under constant contact.



Cleaning, Disinfection and Sterilization in Health Care


Vertical Sliding Door Auto Clave

Horizontal Sliding Door Auto Clave

Radial Locking Hinged Door Autoclave

Horizontal Model for easy loading and unloading Of Materials Strictly Fabricated to ASTM Standard Section 8 as per pressure vessel norms. All welding are done by the process Of TIG and tested by in — house Radiography and die penetrate test.

  • Inner Chamber : ss316
  • Steam Jackel : ss 304
  • Working pressure : 1.2Kg/cm2 & 2.1Kg/cm2
  • Working Temperature : 121C/134C

Optional :

1 .High Vacuum with vacuum pump
2. Fully Automatic Micro processor or PLC based Colour Touch Screen.
3. SS Trolley and SS Carriage
4.Dato Logging System
5. Double Door System
6.Vertical/Horizontal Sliding door

HR1836 450X450X900 182 440 12 Radial / V. Sliding / Motorized
HR2036 500X500X900 225 440 12 Radial / V.Sliding / Motorized
HR224 600X600X1200 432 440 18 Radial ‘V. Sliding / Motorized
HR234 600X900X1500 810 440 36 Radial /H. Sliding / Motorized
HR235 900X900X1200 972 440 36 Radial /H.
Sliding / Motorized

Bench-Top-Autoclave :

Capacity : 17-23Ltrs
C h amber : ss316
Types Of Cycles Process : B Type process, N- Type process and S-Type process
Air Filter : An air filter is provided for filtering the atmospheric air before entering inside the chamber.The filter separation efficiency is higher than 99.998% for particle size less than 0.3″m.

Cycle programs:

  •  1340C Flash/Ropid open instrument cycle.
  • 1340C Textile.
  • 1340C Prion.
  • Test programs : Bowie Dick & Leak Test

Steam Generator   :   Spray Type to ensure Uniform pressure and Temperature.
Water Storage Tank    :  Water reservoir with storage capacity up to S Liters. With water circulation.
Control Panel   :  Digital LCD Screen can Display Temperature, Pressure, Time, Running Status, Fault Alarm and Other information with Optional Built In Printer
Error Control   :   The range of alarm includes Temperature & pressure sensor failure, phase time-out.doors not properly closed. power failure continuous self checking of all the safety
devices, low water level etc.


Chamber construction: S.S.316

Doors : Fall back type Single / Double door equipped with double laminated glass doors
for a full view-in-process and optimal sound and heat isolation.

Process sequence : The washer should perform pre-rinsing, cleaning, postrinsing, thermal
disinfection, final rinsing and drying phases. Validated programs are
secured by access code. Detergents and rinse agents would be
automatically dispensed during the cycle.

Pumps : 2 dosing pump for process chemicals, instrument lubricants/ enzymatic cleaners.
Drying : Dual drying mechanism With heat exchanger, fan, condenser ond HEPA-filter,


• The system is equipped with process tank. For shortest possible filling and draining phases, higher capacity quick
opening valves would be used so that short total process time is achieved.
• Cleanable spray arms is located at the top and bottom Of the chamber.
• Wash carts are equipped with cleanable spray arms between each shelf so as to facilitate water to reach the surfaces which needs to be cleaned.


Working Temperature                                                           :    37C & 55C
Mode Of Operation                                                                 :    Manual / Automatic
Gos Purging                                                                             :    Gas Puncture system as well as provision for ETO + C02 Cylinder
Insulation                                                                                 :     Gloss Wool 25 • 50mm Full
Temperature Controller                                                        :      Digital. RTD Type

Rectangular chamber & pipeline    :  Single Point Locking System
Vacuum pump   :     ss 304
Control   :   Vane Type Type
Compressor  :   Individual push button for vacuum pump,Gas puncture. vacuum breaker and heating with Digital PID controller
Operating voltage    :    Oil free compressor
Non Hazardous    :    230 voltage ’50 khz


  •  Timer Ito 99 minute
  • Temperature 20 to 80 ‘C
  • With LED digital display for Timer and Temperature
  • Turbo power normal and soft function to resolve the cleaning blind sop’
  • Degas and Memory function
  • Sonic frequency Tracking
  • POS Stainless Steel Tank and Basket
  • Stamping Tonk without welding gop for better water proof
  • Powerful ultro sonic transducer for efficiency and cleaning effect
  • Cero mic heaters for better heating effect.
  • Special Cooling components work more Steady
  • Moisture proofed and anti corrosion PCB capable for different working Enviromenfs .
  • Ultro Sonic Frequency 40 KHz
  • Capacity — 15, 20.30 Liters


  •  Suitable for hospital sterile packing
  • Seals plastic film of various materialssuchas PE, PP, Aluminum foil etc.
  • Emboss up to IS interchangeable characters for batch reco’ding, date etc
  • Speed control mechanism
  • Temperature control mechanism

Spray Gun Rinser

Table Trolley


Storage Cabinet

Storage Rack

Motorized Hinged Door Autoclave




Shoe Covers

Reinforced Surgeon Gown

Patient Gown

Non Reinforced Surgeon Gown


Hand Wipes

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